Video der 4. Klasse:


As you grow, you have to make more and more essential decisions in life:
Who do I want to be?
What kind of friend shall I be?
Who will I include in my circle of friends?
What are my main goals in life?

and: What do I want to do every single day for living?
My answer to the last question: I want to be a teacher! I believe they can learn and I will not be satisfied until they do. It is not what is poured into the student, but what is planted, that counts.
No mather what I’ve been through, or if I had a bad day: Thanks to the children, I always leave school with a smile on my face.
I’m so happy, grateful and blessed to be a teacher and to work with my lovely, lovely kids!
P.S. Love is a great teacher!

Thanks for watching!

(Angelika Charamza)

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